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I am one who is not equipped with enough funds to do what all needs done. So I am forced into diy'ing. Can't say I don't like it either for I have gained in many ways/and area's in my personal journey of what is known as our very own LIFE!

I am a christian though NOT RELIGIOUS in any sense. Simply believe its about ones OWN PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP. Life is all lived RAW, rights alongside wrong. Im not the judge and really you have to have wrong just for a right to exist and visA VERSA. EACH ARE EQUALLY NEEDED. WE ALL have our own point of perspective and no two are exactly alike that is what makes us HUMANS the SAME. So you can then say we are ALL RIGHT when we give proper order in perspective.

I am a single parent of 2. they are 20 years apart. Saddly both of their fathers have died. one via suicide, the other sleep apenia. Life hasn't be fair nor easy, but I have learned to not question why me? for the answer is simply just why not? Life isn't promised to be fair or easy and this I know. So this is me doing the best with what I have to work with.

We each have a purpose and a reason, what that is? I cant say for I do not have all the answers. But I feel it is key that we all share our own knowledge. Knowledge is free to obtain and sharing is showing one you care. What you choose to do with your gain of knowledge I share with you that is up to you may friend. Communication gains in an understanding and an understanding grows compassion. This in my opinion then is the key to living a fulfilled life. Success is measured in many ways. This isn't about succeeding its about fulfilling my inner need of love peace and happiness for us all to enjoy the life we have been given.

I hope to help another gain just as I hope to get the same too. 'peace'

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