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I am a 30 years old IT engineer from Pau, south-west of France. I've studied at Epitech Toulouse in a Master degree of software engineering (5 years of study), during which I already had 2 years of professional experience in that domain and one year abroad at the R.M.I.T. in Melbourne.

After this year abroad, I have decided that after my study I will move in south pacific. I arrived in Wellington in May 2014.

Since then, I was working as a R&D applications architect on some new FilmConvert products at Rubber Monkey Software.

After a quick stop working in Toulouse for the aeronautical industry, I was back in the film production business working in Montreal, Canada as part of the R&D team at MPC, Technicolor.

Which bring us to 2020, when I decided to join GlobalVision, as a software developer, working with the desktop application team, using C++ and Qt.

Also co-founder of 1Up SARL and the LaPlace website ( (not in business anymore)

And freelancing when I find some time "off" mostly in mobile applications development.

Specialties: R&D, Software engineering, 3D development, GPGPU, Programming, Software design, Software Architecture, Mobile application Development, Project management