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Houston, TX

The keys to success

  • The most powerful words are "I don't know"
  • Learn as much as you can - be teachable
  • Give back
  • When you make a mistake, admit it as quickly as possible and look for a way to avoid repeating it in the future
  • Realize that you'll never be the best/smartest in any one area, but you ARE for the unique combination of talent, skills and experience you possess.

About asking questions

  • Be able to answer: "What have you tried?"
  • For better help sooner, post an SSCCE
  • Try to ask your question the Smart Way!

About Me

Hello, and welcome to this random assortment of facts.

I have been developing software for a long time. I also manage software projects. I enjoy both the tactical aspect of writing code as well as the strategic aspect of keeping the customer happy, the development team happy and building software that will Do Something Useful.

Industries I've Worked

IT is everywhere! Most industries are very similar when it comes to employee needs, although one might think they're very different. I've seen Financial Traders get just as worked up and panicked as Healthcare Staff when their systems aren't working properly. My job is to make it so whatever the user wants to do is EASY and, in effect, so that they don't even notice me.*

  • Business Process Improvement,
  • Chemical,
  • Education,
  • Energy (oil, gas, & electricity),
  • Entertainment,
  • Financial,
  • Healthcare,
  • Marketing,
  • Media,
  • Property Management, and
  • Software (the company's actual product)
    • Web Development
    • Mobile (Android + IOS) App Development

Favorite OS

  • Mac OSX is my primary (the command line rocks for unleashing the power of bash)
  • Debian for regular server
  • Windows XBox PS4 for the games

Preferred Browsers

  • Chrome, hands down
  • Firefox, if you're nasty
  • Safari, if I must
  • IE if you want me to hate my job

Favorite Languages

There isn't really a favorite, just languages that are better suited for a particular task/application. I want to use the best tool for the job, because not everything is a nail.

  • Ruby/Rails
  • Perl
  • Objective C
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS (Angular, Ember, etc)
  • Java
  • PHP
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