Germany, next to Santa Claus

Maximum epicness reached

Mathcat, simple hobby programmer, maths, and pi-fan.
I like Python, Vyxal, Javascript a bit and even though I mostly post challenges, I like to program.
And cough rightful owner of SE Nitro
No, don't click this link. No, don't do it.

What I'm proud of (sorted)

  • Introducing 2k people to the parker square
  • Rickrolling lyxal (edit: twice now)
  • My only first answer in Vyxal (using the Tom Scott technique)
  • Making the ultimate rickroll graph


  • Visit the Pi-Manifesto
  • Check out Matt Parker! No, I have not been sponsored
  • SE-Nitro, the comic, by Radvylf (chatroom)
  • Github: SE-Nitro
  • Discord: mathcat#7047
  • My pfp