Devansh Gupta


Hi I am Devansh Gupta a class 11th student from Uttar Pradesh, India I am 16 yrs old and a self taught coder and the languages which I have learnt so far are Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML C++, C, and C# Right now I am trying to focus on my academics as much as I can but that cannot keep me away from coding because I find it extremely Interesting and Challenging at the same time. Not going to be exaggerating about my skills and achievements but I have made a website of my own but wait it's not a domain name that I have acquired by myself but a subdomain provided for free by my hosting company My website's link is there down in the website link box. You can check it out and just to let you know I made this website only to do some practical with my web development skills and I know the website isn't very neat as of now but I am always looking for improvements so I expect you experienced guys to hit me with lots of constructive criticism. I am not very good at web development now as I have just started learning these languages I am also a blender3D artist and am planning to post my blender renders on my website and by the time you are visiting my website, if I have posted some of those please let me know if they are fine. And Finally thank you for checking my About page out

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