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Phoenix, AZ

Started coding graphical displays in 1986 on a CoCo III

Haven't stopped "media" programming since then.

Not only do I have no formal education in the field, but in those situations where I SHOULD have gotten some (High School, Air Force, etc) I ended up teaching, which became my career for a while.

At the moment I do web dev and design for a decent salary, game design for not very much of anything but headaches.

I have done SQL Admin, PC Support, Telephone Support, Helpdesk Support, and I spent a couple years doing automated warehouse support, which included giant robots... I quit that job though, because management was SO BAD that not even giant robots could make it better.

I find myself saying "I've been coding for 22 years!" and then cringing because I've become the old coder guy. At least I haven't started randomly growling about the beautiful intricacies of Sperry-Univac mainframes.

I am also awesome.