Reinstate Monica

Nottingham, United Kingdom


The recent actions of Stack Exchange have been reprehensible. The lack of professional conduct, the tone deaf way they've been dealing with the community, and the unfair and unjustified way they've dealt with Monica Cellio.

Monica is an exemplar of the community, it's incredible how she's managed to keep a level head during this time when emotions have been very high.


I'm a Software Developer. At the moment I primarily develop Desktop applications with WFP, and web applications using Web API, and a variety of frontend technologies.

I love to experiment with and learn about new technologies. I also enjoy reading a fair number of tech blogs. I am a firm believer in continual learning and really enjoy software developement.


  • My personal blog
  • Twitter

Here's a small list of my time sinks extra curricular activities that I do in my personal time.

  • Sim Racing
  • Archery
  • Baking
  • Brewing (Cider, Beer)

I play in a band called 7 Second Hurricane, check out our music on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Google play music, or search for us on your favourite music platform.

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