Montreal, Canada

Well, it's been a year now from when I wrote up the About Me below. I was not able to find a steady job. I guess an older guy just starting in the web is not viewed as employable. It's a young world out there, grey heads are not welcomed. Anyhow, I managed to do some work, here and there, and kinda specialised in Front-End. HTML, CSS and Javascript is what I'm more comfortable with. I also dabbled with Wordpress and Twitter's Bootstrap. The web is a fast paced ever changing world, keepinf up with nes trends and best practices is a must. So I keep reading and experimenting, eventually I'll be employable, hopefully before I hit my retirement years.

Initial About Me: I just finished a 15 months intensive course on web development and electronic commerce. I learned javascript (including a bit of JQUERY), PHP, HTML and CSS (a bit of HTML5 and CSS3), MySQL, XML, SEO, some basic network, some marketing concepts, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and probably some other stuff I don't even remember.

So I'm a newly formed web developer.

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