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I am currently an IT specialist for a municipal organization in the state of Oklahoma, and while I perform all sorts of IT specific tasks, my projects almost always include programming/web development.

Since I started (a newb fresh out of college) I have learned a massive amount about programming best practices and functionality. I very much have Stack Overflow to thank for a lot of this. I have come to be an avid believer of Stack Exchange and their original goals (goals I think they are accomplishing very well, I might add).

As a programmer, who constantly has to try new things, Stack Overflow has proven an invaluable resource for me. I try, research, try again, delve into old school books, and try again, but when push comes to shove, there are many times when my current level of experience in whatever language, proves inadequate and leaves me scratching my head, so to speak. It seems, that when I am in my darkest hour of coding, Stack Overflow (i.e., the community therein) not only gets me through the problem, but also teaches me how I can handle similar situations in the future, thus always making me a better programmer all around. :)

I enjoy programming more than any other IT related task. Guess that's just who I am, but I suppose I am preaching to the choir here.