Looking for interesting Staff Engineer positions, perhaps around Storage, but also into all depths of Gentoo Linux, Observability (Prometheus, Grafana, custom exporters etc), Linux kernel dev and more.


  • Senior Engineer II, Storage - DigitalOcean Spaces (RGW + custom on Ceph)


  • Senior Cloud Storage developer [DreamObjects], Ceph+RGW

Gentoo Linux

  • Developer since 2003
  • Council Member, 2006-2007 term
  • Foundation Trustee, since 2009, multiple 2-year terms, treasurer since 2015.
  • Infrastructure Team since 2004 (leader since 2007)

IsoHunt: Lead developer & sysadmin, 2006-2013

phpMyAdmin: Developer of phpMyAdmin, 2001-2005.

Plus lots of open source contributions.