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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

As of 23rd April, 2020, i am a newly promoted to 9th grade student in India.

I came to know about real Math in my late 6th grade, and i have loved math since then. I came to even understand math better because of my brilliant teacher from my beginning of 7th, Arjun Sengupta. I learnt of olympiads and started preparing for them from then until sadly i became too olympiad oriented and ignorant. I forgot the reason for olympiads and went on solving olympiad problems only, until i first read Real Analysis by Arnab Chakraborty, which made me understand mathematics is "rigority" and "intuition's" part is to motivate us how to convert an informal approach to a problem to a rigorous, formal statement with its own essence.

I laid my hand on them until again, i became engaged all-day long with olympiads, until i failed PRMO which made me devastated. I continued after that too, until i (personally) thought finally that olympiads would lead me nowhere. I was just stupidly in illusion wasting my young time. Much of this revelation is due to most guys i know during my olympiad times, who changed after clearing an olympiad, drastically. If something which makes you proud instead of making you more down-to-earth and humble, then whatever that be, i dont care. And i set out...

I have shifted my full focus from to Math Stack Exchange where i find people who indeed are what i want them to be like, great people. Now i am fully focusing on Real Analysis and i am loving it! It makes me, at the same time, both happy and sad how i have wasted these two years for literally nothing!

Well now, there's no going back! :)

Shamim Akhtar

I can be contacted at [email protected] , if you want to ask anything, i would be happy to answer :)

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