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I'm working in Samsung R&D as a senior software engineer. I'm Java developer. Most of my time I'm a backend developer. I like software integration topics etc. Curently busy also with Android and AngularJS development. I've been called a fullstack some time ago, but it has changed now I thing. I like to do also some devops tasks from time to time. I'm still newbe here. Many times I had oportunity to work on higher level of abstraction with architecture. I'm called code nazi also, because I like clean code.

Private but in topic:

I like exploring non Java languages but JVM based: Groovy, Scala.. Sometimes I check also non JVM langs, like Python, Elixir.. 3D printing ,electronic and micro-controllers are also in my area of interest.


I like travels on motorbike, boardgames, drawing and only Gods know what else.

Oh, and I'm lazy asshole...

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