Danny Varod


A Software Architect.

Experienced in:

  • Problem Analysis, Innovation of Solutions, Software Architecture, Design and Engineering
  • System Architecture & Software Architecture
  • Product Management & User Experience
  • Internal innovation and entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship)
  • A variety of domains and Interdisciplinary Development
  • Research and assimilation of new technologies
  • Research in various scientific fields, identifying needs and conception of solutions
  • Agile and Iterative Software Lifecycle management
  • Object Oriented (OOP), Aspect Oriented (AOP), Service Oriented (SOA), Microservices (uServices) Analysis & Design
  • Various fields e.g. .NET, Spark, Big Data, Distributed Computing, Image Processing, GUI, Computer Graphics, GPGPU, Data Technologies, Web Services, Web Client and Desktop development
  • Leading developers and products
  • Technological training
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