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First most goal in life is to be kind, compassionate, and loving. Because of stigmas, it is hard to do that as a 6'3" Male in my 30's. People expect me to be a tough guy, but looks are deceiving. I am a gentle giant, and I like to spend my time writing TypeScript, Nodejs, Java/Kotlin & CSS. Lately I have been into TypeScript, I was writing Kotlin for a bit, then I switched back to TypeScript. I go to school for computer science, where I write C++, & Assembly. People complain about Assembly, but I find it fascinating. I still have a ways to go in school, as I don't take any classes but English classes & computer science. I still need a lot of calculus. I might try to look for a Job developing server-side software before I graduate. It will depend on my finances. I have always been a tech geek, but I worked as a carpenter out of high-school, as I fell in love with a girl. After 7 years the relationship didn't workout, consequently, I fell out of the T3CH-Loop for most of my 20's. At 29 I took a C++ class at the JC by me. I am 37 now, and I havn't really looked back. All I do is write code. Some personal stuff, I work on some opensource. I take some classes. I develop extensions for VS Code. Currently I am writing an NPM module for developing CLI's, and a simple testing framework for testing Function w/ typescript. I feel I am probably at a place where I know enough to work as a developer. I personally know 4 developers, two are Java-devs that live near me, and the other two are family friends. One of the guys near me, who writes Java, and my friend in Hawaii who writes PHP, always call me to help them with stuff. I am always writing bits of code for them, and I can just tell I know way more about everything, than they do. My buddy that writes PHP wants me to work with him, but I don't want to write PHP, my stength is in ECMAScript & Oracle based technologies. Java, MySQL, Kotlin, JS, TS, Node, even JSON, and JSON Schema. I know C++ pretty well too. I just feel like PHP isn't the traditional enough of a language for me. Ideally I would find somewhere that would pay me to write Server-side, TypeScript. I am also good with CSS, so I would certainly opt for frontend TypeScript as well.

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