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Graham Perrin

United Kingdom

Technical interests

  • Mac user for around twenty-one years (1992–2014) with ZFS (Z-410 then ZEVO) towards the end
  • AppleSeed programme member 405 in 2009, I departed after five years (extreme displeasure at Apple's abandonment of some of the essentials within the OS X Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) –
  • continuing with ZFS, I switched from Apple Mac OS X to TrueOS Desktop then FreeBSD-CURRENT
  • switched from iOS on a first generation iPhone, to Android on a Yotaphone 2, now using a less exotic but more powerful second-hand OnePlus 2
  • vaguely thinking of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids with parallel pairing capability (context)
  • Light Phone and Janus One are appealing complements, but I should not expect such things to work with the swipe features that are associated with Unify Circuit.

Day job

University of Brighton

IT support and related activities for:

  • CENTRIM, the Centre for Research in Innovation Management
  • Brighton Business School.

Some other interests

  • Overcoming both tinnitus and the side-effects of tinnitus
  • relaxation and meditation – within the constraints of tinnitus
  • self-hypnosis.
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