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Copenhagen, Denmark

I'm a sociologist who love quantitative methods, and am trying to find a mix where my skills as a sociologist is mixed with my interest for data science. There are definitely better data scientists and programmers out there than me, but my training as a sociologist seems to have given me some unique capabilities as an analyst that you don't get when only seing "data as data".

I just handed in my master thesis in sociology, where I did network analys of job mobility on very large population-level datasets from the national statistics agency, "Danmarks Statistik". I use Stata and R, and like R very much, a big fan of the tidyverse, ggplot2 and dplyr especially, although it could use some improvement when doing parametric codewriting. I guess I'm an R intermediate I guess, having no other code experience except Stata. I've mastered the basics and am currently learning to use functions and the apply-family of functions. In a couple of weeks, I start as a data analyst at the Ministery for Children and Social Affairs*, which I'm very psyched about.

In my spare time I play my guitar, do yoga, (trying to) meditate and hang out with my friends drinking beers and stuff like that. I love to hitchhike and be in nature!

*> (the title of the ministery is wonderful especially in english, lol. Maybe they should call it "the ministery of children and other social issues" instead?)