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EAI developer working mainly in Energy and Utilities, Health and Education sectors. Tools of my middleware trade have included webMethods, JavaCAPS, and TIBCO.

Plenty of Oracle and MSSQL thrown about in integration/ETL anger too. Oh, and Ingres (my mother said if I don't have anything good to say, I shouldn't say anything, so I won't. Or did I just?).

C#.Net is my weapon of choice for all things non-middleware (or at the SOA periphery, where OOTB APIs are non existent, or need a spruce up with something more web-servicey), but Java where required.

I have a history in infrastructure and applications support, which gives me a pretty good sense of the "bigger picture" in terms of how my code plays within the architecture of the wider technical environment, and in terms of how it should play with humans in the support/maintenance sphere when (heaven forbid) my code needs biological assistance.

I also dabble in the world of the "front end" on my own time, and have found my feet in web technologies such as CSS, JS, JQ etc. Am having fun developing (or supporting) sites based on open source CMSs such as WordPress, and learning PHP along the way.