Dortmund, Germany

First, most of the time I am answering questions/writing comments on a tablet. Meaning that I do not have access to an environment where I can test code in at those times. Unfortunately that leads to typos or other mistakes in that code much too often. I apologise for that!!

I am in Software Development/Software Maintenance since 1982, more or less. I worked with BASIC, Pascal, COBOL, several Assembler flavours, C, C++ and Java, and got some exposure to JavaScript, Scala, Python, Smalltalk, ObjectC, Swift, Lua and Groovy, as well as to various script languages (bash, PowerShell, sed, awk, …).

Of course I had to deal with XML, HTML and SQL, UML, ant, Maven and Gradle.

Not to forget the tools: sccs, cvs, Visual SourceSafe, Mercurial, git, Subversion, make in various flavours, several IDEs, …

Operating systems had been UNIX in various flavours (including Linux), of course MS-DOS and Windows, but also a bit of the stuff that drives the real big iron, and some operating systems that are long time dead already (ever heard about NIROS?).

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