Since I spent five years in IT Project Management, I have an eye to see multiple ways to solve a problem. Sometimes, I prefer the easiest way, sometimes -- digging deep inside the problem turns into the real exploration of absolutely new matter. This finally brings me to some unpredictable new knowledge and I really love it! Like, for example PDF or OTF files structures. I know almost everything about any byte of them! Why? I do not really remember any more.

I am used to thinking, that I have deep knowledge and skills to write PHP, JS, including libraries like jQuery and similar and SQL. They are my favorite. I can write VB, VBA, but with no satisfaction, just because these languages exist and I spent many years with them.

I believe, just mentally, I prefer the languages with the C-type syntax. Basically because it looks pretty clear to me. Oh yea, the cascades of anonymous functions in the asynchronous events are the nightmare, but the brackets create some visual space for my eyes and are much more pleasant than Python lines. Even Objective-C is beautiful to me.

The "Stack Overflow" is some kind of challenge. It is the game of knowledge, extreme fast reaction, and application of humanity, readiness to be open minded and helpful. As most of us, I honestly feel extremely happy if my advice is helpful or leads you in the right direction!

Thank you!