Derbyshire, United Kingdom

I've worked in IT for nearly 40 years (since 1980) starting when I was doing research at university and got the role of Computer Manager in the Physics department. I've been at IT Manager for much of my career, but in recent years have done more software development (SQLserver, C#, VB.Net, MVC, ASP, etc) than IT administration. I've also been a Project Manager (Prince 2) and a software development manager.

Most of my professional work has been with Microsoft operating systems but I've kept up an interest in Linux throughout.

At work, I currently develop web applications using C#, jQuery/javascript and MS SQL as well as being the technical implementation lead on a Dynamics 365 for Fiance and Operations project.

At home, in addition to several Windows laptops, I currently maintain 2 systems running Linux. Both are running Debian + MythTV; one is used a Personal Video Recorder and general filestore (it has just over 24Tb of disks attached). The other just acts as a player and general development machine. In the past, I've configured my home systems to use soft RAID (md + lvm devices, BTRFS RAID-1 and ZFS RAIDZ2). Following the reported problems with BTRFS RAID-5/6, I migrated my BTRFS setup to ZFS; I've since done a rolling upgrade of the ZFS files from 18TB to 24Tb by replacing all 3Tb disks with 4Tb ones.

I'd like to do a bit more with Android and also get back to my Astronomy hobby (I haven't had my telescope out for a couple of years!

Married, with several cats, but no kids!

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