dale landry

San Diego, CA, United States


I work at construction for money. Its hard work. I much prefer creating things digitally. Whether it be 3D modeling, graphic design, web development or just some silly game in Python. Lately PHP has been a driving force to have a more robust understanding and ability to code back-end dynamically created web-sites. I also enjoy learning more about jQuery and JavaScript for server side fun and functionality!

I have a small business that performs Multi-Media projects called Professional Digital Designs. I am currently working on a network related web-based user applet service for routing geo-located customers through gMaps with the ability to network with other users.

Bass player for over 30 years now. Have 4,5 and 6 string basses with MarkBass head, Aguilar and Ampeg cabinets! Love playing bass, it keeps me sane in a maddening world!

Have a question, ask, I just might know the answer, and if I don't, I might have an idea on how to get to the answer. Kind of wish I had found this website sooner!