First of all: things are getting better, but let us all never forget this!

I am mainly a contributor to Beyond that, I participate on MSO, MSE, and various other SE communities, mostly around software/IT topics.

My primary goal on is to help other folks solving their problems. Sometimes I am very direct; so please understand that I am not rude on intention - just honest.

If you disagree with something I say: simply speak up; I appreciate any (constructive) feedback!

On, I proudly hold a few gold badges, like:

  • java tag: Awarded Sep 23 '16
  • Illuminator: Awarded Jul 8 '17
  • Legendary: Award Sept 7 '17

Personal background

I studied computer science in the late 90ies at the "Universit├Ąt of Karlsruhe"; nowadays known as KIT.

After some years with smaller companies, I am working as software engineer at a global IT player for more than 15 years by now.

I started programming in Java more or less shortly after Java 1.02 became available. Java is still my main love, but there were hot affairs with C, C++, perl, python, and other, less known languages.

I am very much convinced that the only reasonable way to do "enterprise java" programming is to focus on "clean code" and "tdd/unit testing".

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