I used a computer for the first time in 1985 and made my first loop with Logo.

In 1988, my dad bought his first computer, a PC with MS-DOS 3.1. It could display only 4 colours, had a 8 MHz CPU and 512 KB of RAM. In the early 90s, he bought me an Amiga 500 that had impressive hardware and inferior software (that computer was quite fond of meditation).

During the following years, I've hated each and every version of Windows (3.0, 3.1, 95), because they crashed more than daily, and because the system was entirely opaque. There was nothing to fix and nothing to learn.

Fortunately in 1996, we heard about Linux : it was stable and had a great philosophy (Free Software). Linux basically saved my interest in computing. The Internet came into our house the same year. And this is why I became a software engineer (M.Sc. in 2003).