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Mayur Patil

Pune, India

Python Addict, you can hire me either by interviewing or over tea/coffee:

  1. Due to pursuit of following ones, I can give productive results in following areas:

    Cloud Computing: Openstack, Eucalyptus,

    Virtualization: Container, Docker, Kubernetes, Project Atomic,

    Operating Systems: Love CentOS and Ubuntu,

    NoSQL: MongoDB Developer Certification,

    IoT: can give you instant ideas as we are in network ;),

    Machine Learning (Will learn only algorithms to solve problems faced by people)

  2. Use Python 3 for problem solving.

  3. Script lover to automate most of my ingeminative work.

  4. Knowledge of virtualization techs like Docker, Kubernetes, Project Atomic.

  5. Promptly identify and solve User centric problems

  6. Love to present company contribution & achievements in Domain related or FOSS conferences.

Other Skills:

1. Love to consult people about general user defined stuff like Linux usage, Firefox Tricks, effective use of tools.

2. Quickly identify customer need

3. Loves mythology and thinking about how to apply in technology

4. Always excited about learning new tools and techs i.e. Never stopped Learner.

5. Believe in qualitative than quantitative work.