Philadelphia, PA

Tom Boutell is a developer for P’unk Avenue. His background in software development and long experience with the web brings a unique perspective to the team. As the head of Boutell.Com, Inc., Tom created the original WWW FAQ, which continues to be a frequently-consulted “how-to” resource for web developers. At RealNetworks (then Progressive Networks), Tom was instrumental in the creation of RealAudio 1.0, the first streaming audio solution for the web.

In the open source world, he is best known as the author of GD Library, a dynamic graphics code library for websites, now standard in PHP distribution and for originating the PNG project that lead to the creation of the PNG image format. He has recently released several open source tools such as aS3StreamWrapper, pkLockServer and OptimumPHP.

He is the author of a book on Windows and Linux Integration published by Sybex and a book on CGI Programming in C and Perl published by Addison- Wesley. He has written a number of Facebook and iPhone applications, as well as autobiographical web applications like