Wiesbaden, Germany

As a child, I always dreamed, that once I would be a programmer. Nowaday I working as a Webdeveloper, so my dream comes truth. I started my education in IT as I attend the primary school. As the first step, I took the ECDL exam, and after this milestone my interest went to create algorythms. First I learned a little bit about the GameMaker and its controlling system, and started to create some mini 2D games. After elementary school I attended the Széchenyi István Informatics High School, where I started to learn programming, and any other IT knowledge. There I made my High School Certificate focused on the developement. After the secondary school I attend the Budapest University of Technology for 1 year, but unfortunatelly I have to cancel my studies, because personel problems. After university I moved to Germany where I started my "Ausbildung" in sector IT specialist focused on Developement. I finished this on 19. 06. 2019, and I started working as a frontend web developer.