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Hi, I am an intermediate Ubuntu user. I joined Ask Ubuntu Because I frequently visit this page and almost always is hard to find a solution to my Ubuntu problems, so for example if I find the right question, there almost always lack a satisfactory answer and later I have to do a lot of research in order to find the solution to my problem. So my intention is to find questions related to my Ubuntu problems and answer them for if in the future I have the same problem again, that would help me solve that problem. And if that help others so be it.

My installed Ubuntu is in Esperanto, I had Window 10, but now I use Ubuntu in a external hard disk drive.

About me: I live in Mexico, Spanish is my native language, I am graduated in computer science,I am studying a lot of languages on duolingo. These are the languages I am fluent on, ordered from most fluent to less fluent: Spanish, English, Esperanto and Portuguese.

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