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London, United Kingdom

If you need an SHA-3 and/or Keccak implementation in Java then take a look at my Cryptography repo on GitLab.

If you have a talent for recalling lists of things then you can find The Fifty States Game and The London Boroughs Game on my website.

If you have a bizarre craving for a decimalised digital clock driven by JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas then check out my UDT Clock.

If you want a tidy way to define command-line arguments for a Java application, see my page about MainArgsHandler and download the source from my GitLab account.

If you want to use an XML catalogue to create multiple output documents in one go, take a look at Paging in XSLT 2.0.

If your task involves using PHP to read data from an XML feed, maybe the page about PHP5 and SimpleXML will be of some interest.

And if you've finished a bunch of project work this week and now it's time to make a copy for safekeeping, perhaps Creating an rsync backup is what you need. (Also see the File backup checklist to avoid leaving anything behind.)

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