Spokane, WA

I am a LAMP server administrator and software developer by trade. I have developed many sites by hand (hard coding) as well as multiple sites running on Magento Enterprise and Community editions. I have over 15 years in software development and *NIX server administration. I have 6 years Magento experience including building custom modules and customizing administrative options. I am a PHP/MySQL coder by trade, but have no issues with .NET, Python, JAVA etc etc. I am also familiar with MsSQL as well as ORACLE. I am also a proficient front-end developer. I am very familiar with HTML5 and CSS3. I am knowledgeable in HTML and CSS W3C compliance and am versed in using said compliance to increase site speed and SEO benefits as well.

On the server side, I am familiar with most flavors of the Linux variety and their web admin counterparts. I am big on server security and software integrity. I work both with physical hardware, and cloud environments (VmWare and AWS Mainly). I am familiar with Windows Server and setting up the IIS environment as well. I am also competent in site-to-site networking and tunneling. I am mostly familiar with Cisco products, but have some Fortigate experience as well. I am familiar with PRI and SIP phone protocalls as well.

Thanks for taking to time to view my profile!!

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