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About Me

I am Robin, I am from Germany and I like to play Videogames. I am able to help in most Nintendo games and many Steam games as well. BoI, Ark, Terraria, DbD, TF2, ect. I got a wide repertoire and a lot of experience in Videogames. But I am not so into modding and scripting and am usually more of an achievement collector. 100%ing a game for me is getting all the achievements.

I am not interested in most really popular games and don't know a lot about games like TES5 or Minecraft or Undertale as I don't like to invest time into them.

I am happy to help anyways and even if I feel like I make many mistakes in this community at first I try to stick around.

I feel like doing way to many mistakes, so I refrain from posting. That's why I usually won't stick to communities.