Antwerp, Belgium

Just your average nerdy geek with a passion for art, literature, poetry (including lyrics), fantasy in all forms and comics.

I'm gonna eat ya and steal your mind. Our souls and blood intertwined. Savage & shrewd - I'm one of a kind.( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)


I became an instant favorite of my art teacher when I was the only person in over 20 years able to enhance the motto of his dad he shares at beginning of each new class he teaches. It became almost a motto for me ^^

Original quote by Mr. Mannaerts: Je vois le temps qui passe...

Me: ...*mais quand je ferme mes yeux, temps n'existe pas**

Translation of those French lines:

I see the time passing by...but when I close my eyes, time doesn't exist

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