From 2002 to 2012, I was part-owner of a startup ( Semantix S.A. ), in the role of the company's Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead. The company was acquired by Neuropublic S.A in June 2012.


  • I mostly code in Python and C/C++, targeting Linux, Windows and embedded development. In some of my projects I had to optimize for speed using CUDA and OpenMP/TBB. I can also code in x86/SSE asm if necessary.
  • Scripting: Python mostly ; Perl in the past; daily one-liners with bash/awk/sed.
  • SQL-wise: Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL (I've also written native apps over direct APIs: OCI for Oracle, psycopg2 for PostgreSQL).
  • I begun my career 11 years ago, successfully coding Windows device drivers for 7 different FPGA designs that stress-tested Siemens 3G switches.
  • I mostly use VIM these days but have no fear of IDEs (that's where I begun). That being said, I prefer Makefiles (recently, tup) to Eclipse-sized monsters.
  • I value strong type systems and functional-style thinking (OCaml/F#). I am not an extremist in this regard, sometimes mutable state is the way to go (translation: I think Haskell takes it too far).
  • I love ZFS - in general, data checksums in the filesystem. When they are not there, I use my own.
  • I have a soft spot for Lisps.
  • When my work in my startup demanded it, I skimmed over C#, Java and Windows administration.

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