Adri Escañuela

Salamanca, España

  • Physics Stack Exchange bio: Any pronouns. Physicist (UGR), MSc Theoretical Physics [Cosmology] (USAL).

  • Stackoverflow bio: she/he/they/it longhaired fembrained gnc femboy/tomboy enby (based type) | post/meta/über-g/acc autogynophile (true) - autogynandromorphophile (cope?) duality | schizosmology usal | c/c++, python, fortran (ver. 1957, yet to catch on with today's ver.), latex, gnuplot, maxima/mathematica, scilab, r user | bonsaist [taxodium distichum owner] | infp-t antinormalpilled aktion | 🇻🇦🏳️‍⚧️

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