Johannes Schaub - litb

Frankfurt, Germany

I'm a C++ programmer and CS student, interested in ISO C++ standardization process and compilers/linkers.

Currently I'm doing Informatik Masters at TU-Darmstadt.

I'm too busy to keep up with the recent developments of C++14 and C++14+, so please don't expect me to be able to help with them.

Standardese answers:

  • How does boost::is_base_of work?
  • Injected class name and constructor lookup weirdness
  • What happens when op[] and op T* are both there.

FAQ answers:

  • Where to put "template" and "typename" on dependent names (now also covers C++11)
  • Undefined behavior and sequence points

Favourite answers:

  • Plain new, new[], delete and delete[] in a nutshell.
  • Assertion failure on T(a) but allowing T t(a) - forbids (accidental) temporaries.
  • Explicitly instantiating a typedef to a class type
  • Doing RAII the lazy way.
  • C for-each over arrays.
  • static_cast, dynamic_cast and C cast.
  • inline and the ODR in C++, and inline in C99
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