Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I'm a Full-Stack Developer at heart trying everyday to become a better one.

Instead of being overspecialized in just one technology, I like to understand how every layer works, so I can learn more and be able to build nice stuff.

I like to solve problems despite which language or framework is being used. Sometimes I pick a simple problem and a random technology just to see something new.

If I have to choose one favorite subject, I would take databases. Being even more specific, solving performance/scalability issues is what thrills me most.

The technologies that I have more professional experience are:

  • Developing websites using c# and jquery
  • Modeling and administering sql-server databases
  • Deploying solutions with high availability on amazon-web-services

Currently using my free time to play with angularjs, nodejs, mongodb and amazon-web-services. In my opinion, those are the technologies with the greatest potential to build exciting and innovative things.

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