Orlando, FL

Executive Summary

I am a systems engineer and independent software consultant specializing in the .NET platform and big data (analysis, visualizations, and nosql). I take a pragmatic, systems approach to problem solving, which works well for many software and code problems.

Background and Philosophy

My professional background is highlighted by work on some of the most complex systems ever created - the International Space Station, nuclear submarines, and military flight training systems. My primary wheelhouse is the aerospace and defense industry, where I have partaken in all aspects of the system development lifecycle - from concept to end of life.

My approach to software engineering is derived from my systems engineering background. I view programs as no different than the complex systems that I help build every day, and I bring this viewpoint into the questions that I answer on Stack Overflow. A special interest of mine is understanding how people make sense of complex systems, and I attempt to bridge the gap between expert and novice in the answers I write.

Software Expertise

I've been writing code since I was in 6th grade, and started on .NET when it was brand new. I have significant expertise in program architecture using C#, SQL, NoSql, AMQP, Html5/Javascript, and various building automation system protocols (BACnet, Obix, etc.). I enjoy learning new ways to write elegant code, and I find the expertise and discussion on this site stimulating and rewarding.

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