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Kyle Hodgson

Toronto, Canada

I started out as a Systems Administrator working with Solaris, Windows NT, Linux and xBSD systems in the late 90′s. I quickly realized that my best days involved software developers asking for something – figuring out how to build a web cluster was much more interesting than fixing printers and blackberries. This got me more interested in what we’d call Operations or DevOps today.

My natural leadership abilities led me to director roles early on. In the last ten years of my career I’ve been the CTO of three innovative organizations, and I’ve learned a lot from the each of them. I also fell in love with developing software. Over the last six years, I’ve built large scale web applications in .NET, and learned several other languages including JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Scala, PHP, Perl and Python along the way.

  • Author of ServiceStack 4 Cookbook
  • ThoughtWorks Principal Consultant and Software Developer
  • Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET and IIS
  • Blogger and Technical Author
  • Toronto Technology Community Member

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