Ian R. O'Brien

New York, NY


I've been developing software for the financial services industry for almost seven years. I work in the investment banking arm of a large multi-national bank. My experience on the sell side includes working on a financial CRM system used by equity research, sales, and trading firms in order to distribute research, discover new sales opportunities, and manage interactions with existing and prospective clients. On the buy side I've worked as a consultant for several different hedge funds in order to develop and implement customized software solutions to automate tasks, improve workflow efficiency, and enforce compliance to the SAS 70 auditing standard.

I am a full stack developer, and most of my technical experience is in multi-tier architecture development using C# .NET, T-SQL, and Java, although I have used many other languages and technologies.

I received a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering from the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science from Binghamton University.