I don't want to contribute to StackOverflow/StackExchange sites !

The SO/SE site owners got enough people to contribute answers/knowledge already. As a result the sites has big reputation, and the owners got probably very, very much money with it already. Why do I have to contribute to such guys, while I can contribute to other places (such as: mailing-list, support forum, … or even my own website), which I have been doing in several years?

Who lost?

It’s the other “Answer” channels, such as supporting forums, IRC, mailing-list… Actually they make more efforts than just creating a Q&A site, they including lots of people who volunteer their own time, without getting any money in return. Now with SO/SE even the reputation of their “community” is reduced, and their efforts are less appreciated.


LinuxQuestions.org , Unix.com, UbuntuForums.org, CodeRanch.com, forum.springsource.org

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