Charles M Saunders

Neskowin, Oregon, USA

A natural born philosopher, my only true goal in life has always been to understand. After years of research and investigation my work led me to Baruch Spinoza. Although I appreciate the work of many thinkers in the History of Ideas, Spinoza is unique in his understanding of the existence of the human mind and precisely how it functions. His Psychology of the Emotions is unsurpassed in its depiction of the essence of humans as emotional beings driven by a desire to self-sustain and his understanding of Ontology and Epistemology must be understood as completely revolutionary. Finally, his ethics which claim moral certainty-in-act for the person who acts in-obedience to the dictates of the guidance of the 'light of natural reason', does away with any need for prescriptive and abstract moral coda.

Beginning in 2014 a Series on Spinoza's "Ethics" began to be published on Amazon/Kindle. It is entitled: The "Ethics" Examined in Detail- The series when completed will comprise 6 'Pamphlets'. Currently four of the six are available on, and Amazon. Of the Six, the first covers "On the Improvement of the Understanding" (TIE). From there the following Pamphlets each cover one "Part" of the "Ethics". To date these are the four that are available:

Letters to No One in Particular- A Discussion and Illustration of Spinoza's "Fragment" or "On the Improvement of the Understanding"

To Discern Divinity- A Discussion and Interpolation of Spinoza's "Ethics" Part One- Concerning God

Spinoza's Hidden Discovery- An Investigation into Spinoza's "Ethics" Part Two- Of the Mind

Spinoza's Strange Symbiosis- Where Emotion and Thought Conjoin- "Ethics" Part Three Of the Emotions