Lausanne, Switzerland

I'm an Italian vagabond now established in Switzerland since 2006, I'm a knowledge devourer a proud father, an happy husband, a funny and honest friend.

In my (never) free time, I love DMing some RPGs, cooking, playing guitar, studying computer science, doing sport and never sleeping.

I'm a *GNU/*Linux PC.

I am/was working as

  • Senior System Architect of multi-tier WEB based application on Unix/Linux architectures.
  • Unix specialist with strong knowledge in Open Source solutions.
  • System Integrator and Application Solution Analyst.
  • Unix and Network administrator.
  • Java and Unix System Performance Analyst.

My tech specialties

System Administration: Unix (Solaris,HP-UX,AIX), GNU/Linux, Windows NT, 2000, Dos. Network Administration: Alteon, DNS, Sendmail, Postfix, Radeon, Routers Cisco, Switches, Nokia Firewalls, IP tables. Programming: Shell Scripting (bash, ksh), PHP, AWK, sed, perl, ant, maven, GNU Make, LaTEX, XHTML, HTML. Application Administrator: Weblogic Server, OneToOne Portal, BEA Tuxedo, Vitria BW 4.2, JBoss, Jakarta Tomcat, Apache WebServer. DB Administration: MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL.