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Richmond, VA

I am a tech writer by trade.

That title is very limiting, how many tech writers do to you that converted user guides to responsive format? That's me, I believe technical documentation completes the user experience and should be given all the glitz and glamor same as the material we used to got the user to get to buy into our idea and experience.

I believe we are lucky to live in an age where technologies are being developed to make the whole of human knowledge available across mediums, regardless of device and in an instant. I think the ubiquity of the World Wide Web is a gift to humanity analogous to Gutenberg’s press.

My love of writing and producing content is rooted in these beliefs and as such, I have acquired a rock solid web design skill set to be ready for what is coming in the world of digital media. My rock stars are Jeffery Zeldman, Ethan Marcotte and Kristina Halvorson.

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