Hanno Fietz

Berlin, Germany


I'm a programmer currently employed in the financial sector after having tried my own product and having worked as a freelance programmer and technical consultant before.

Working in PHP, currently, and it's not as bad as it used to be, although string handling still sucks. But then, strings always suck. Working in Java as a hobby, still, and it's not as bad on me as it used to be, I quite like some of the things introduced in Java 7. I enjoy working in JS very much every time I get a chance, but I am very very sceptical of most popular JS frameworks. I seem to be too old already for AngularJS.

Things that make my professional life a happier one include Joda Time, and Guava. Also, git and JIRA, and JSON, and Postgres (reading the release notes for 9.4 made my day), and UTF-8. And coffee.

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