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I'm Louis Stein, native AmEng, and I really enjoy answering & teaching on English as a Second Language. I'm "learning as I go" so if I make any mistakes don't hesitate to comment or send me a chat message!

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  • Shorten URL's: or to shorten urls.

  • Diff and Merge Tool: Mergely - Great when you need to consolidate conflicting changes!

  • Word/Phrase Usage Research: Google Ngram &

  • Sentence Parser: Stanford's LinGO English Resource Grammar (ERG). It's a "Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar", part of Stanford's CSLI LinGO Lab.

  • Make Graphical Syntax Trees: Yoichiro's RSyntax Tree (Best graphics. Cannot link-to-tree 01/2014.) and Miles Shang's Syntax Tree Generator (Can link to trees.)

Word and Grammar Online Resources

  • Multi-Dictionary Search: (Complete list here).

  • List of Resources: Onelink extra resources, Megalisit, RefDesk.

  • Google Image Search: Google image search is a valuable research tool. Example: "running water"

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Philosophy: I believe in life-long education such as that gained through the research I perform to give great answers on Stack Exchange.

Primary Interests: Cognitive psychology, linguistics, personal and cultural identity, theory of humor, and Education. Other Interests: Ballroom Dancing, Autism and Savant Syndrome (esp Absolute Pitch, which I have no sense of), Philosophy, Theory and History of Math, Theory and History of Science, Writing, Humor, Music, Piano, Singing (esp. Solfege), Education, ADHD, and Psychology.

About Me

Taught myself programming in 7th grade from my older brother's math book before I had a computer (1978). I would run the programs on paper to see what they would do. I learned to program for joy at the start of the personal computer revolution.

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