I really like Scratte's "About me":

Be kind to others. Including those that don't "deserve" it. They may need it most.

Anyway, duplode made a list of "canonicals and pseudo-canonicals for haskell" - you should check it out. I am once again stealing from another person's "About me" and making a list of my favourite posts from all over Stack Exchange (yeah, I like some of my own questions; not all of them):

  • Meta Stack Overflow, A: No tool or restriction would help us form the right attitude towards asking good questions within the community.

  • Meta.SE, A: Reading a well-structured question is always nice. Writing one is twice as nice. Here is the markdown.

  • Linguistics.SE, Q: My modest attempt into Hebrew Grammar and Etymology.

  • Linguistics.SE, Q: A bit more on Hebrew: how Hebrew got bigger than Yiddish.

  • Language Learning.SE, A: I simply like Hebrew: "prescriptive" resources for learning Hebrew.

  • Stack Overflow, Q: A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the problem?

  • Stack Overflow, A: Let me throw something serious in here - free monoids and free monads.

  • Stack Overflow, Q: Having a small bit of fun: checking monadic fix written down with Control.Arrow.loop on extreme cases.

  • Christianity.SE, Q: Was Paul the author of Hebrews?

  • Christianity.SE, Q: Kind of related to the first part of my "About me": the significance of Love.

  • Stack Overflow, Q: Looking for mistakes in one of my favourite papers on haskell. The paper is John Hughes' famous "Generalising Arrows to Monads".

  • Economics.SE, Q: A question of my own with a one-time negative score I like.

Well, I am out of characters now. Might change smth in the future.

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