Jeff Bowman

San Jose, CA

Hi! I'm Jeff. I am currently a tech lead on Google Maps Platform (Android, iOS, and Javascript SDKs) in Mountain View, CA, though my opinions and advice are my own. In my personal time, I enjoy lindy hop swing dancing, photography, aviation (as a private pilot), and organizing furry conventions.

Though I like helping with any answers I can, I am found most often on StackOverflow. I particularly like helping debug and explain Guice, Dagger, and Mockito, which I count as some of the most-powerful (and sometimes least-intuitive) packages available in Java today.

My five favorite computer science inventions: Code-generating serialization layers (Protocol Buffers and Thrift), Bloom filters, Hilbert indexes, A* search, and CompactHashSet. I'm also a fan of DI and mocking frameworks, as you can see above. :)

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