Cape Town, South Africa


A long time lover of bright lights, loud noises, and shiny magic boxes, I figuratively fell into the world of web design, and later development. I'm now the founder and CTO at Nona Creative. An uncomfortable generalist, serial entrepreneur, free thinker, and fullstack tinkerer extraordinaire, I love design, code, writing, speaking and more than anything else learning.

What started as a necessity for a personal project quickly became a freelance gig, and when the time came for both a lifestyle, and career change this new deep love for an old fling won out. With the love and support of both those close to me, and some new found friends and partners, we founded a tiny startup building wordpress sites amongst a few other odds and ends.

What began as a spin on the roulette wheel, has quickly grown, and 5 years later, Nona Creative is an ambitious digital studio, with a great team and an remarkable culture. I'm surprised and humbly honoured to spend every working day with the incredible people I'm surrounded by.

Beyond code, or as a formal student of marketing and business management, I'm interested and passionate about film, food, music, installation art, travel and trail running.