Mathematical Machinist, Makes Minor Robots, Return None.

Reading every resource on plumbing at the moment. Any reccommendations?

They say wye on its side is ok to combine horizontal drains, but must be turned upward to vent. but not in PA. hmm.

Terry Love is talking about the siphon design in the 1960's american standard 3.5 gpf wall mounted toilets we have, and I really love his concluding remark because it is spot on imho:

"Pressure assist will not work with your old bowl. Don't waste your time trying. The bowl on your forty year old water wasting bowl was never designed to flush with only 1.6 gallons and even worse, not with a pressure assist which needs a bowl designed for that type of action. It's a totally different way of moving water through the bowl. The old bowl used at least 3.5 gallons to siphon the bowl. Pressure assist pushes water out of the bowl, and with just a little bit. With the old bowls, it won't evacuate the water from the bowl. It just kind of stirs your pee and poo a bit. Not good. "

I'm here because I'm experiencing that kind of ride and I don't like it. It says to see IPC Section 901.2: ok: ah yes, exactly.

-1 Transients on common bus because of lifted ground as rationale for bonding redundant grounds code. 2019/01/25



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