tl;dr Interested in all topics (yes all, no knowledge is useless to me) and highly inquisitive. I love creating software and it pays well, so I work as a software engineer.

I am primarily a C++ developer with around 14 years experience, and have recently got serious about web programming. As a C++ dev (team lead) I and my small team mainly designed and developed frameworks and components based on which our desktop products were created. I also owned a product.

I am an aspiring entrepreneur planning a startup, hence the tryst with web development. My web development experience is a grand total of 6 months (on and off), mainly front end, and it has been pretty rough; never knew web devs had to slog so much to get even basics work properly. I hope back end is not going to be a pain in the...back end.

I have always been attracted to languages, and lately I am trying to turn my casual approach to linguistics into something more formal. I realized that computational linguistics would be best for me as it combines two things that I love the most, and I would be focusing on this area for the foreseeable future, at least as a serious hobby.

I have a keen interest in a lot of diverse things, and software happens to be the most financially beneficial of all. I am not ashamed to ask questions (not just here on SEx but in general) and I don't get disheartened when a know-it-all punk dismisses my questions.