Dan Atkinson

Cottingham, United Kingdom


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I am a developer working in ASP.NET MVC from the early CTPs.

For over a year, my .NET skills were blunted by the necessity of working almost exclusively in ColdFusion. Still, it gave me chance to get to know MVC a lot more through Mach-II. When ASP.NET MVC came out, I felt I had a good advantage, and had would have a stronger knowledge than if I had continued using 'classic' ASP.NET webforms.

I enjoy the fact that stackoverflow is more community based than Experts Exchange, which really makes users feel isolated.

I answered more questions in the first two months, than I did in five years at Experts Exchange.

Initially spurred on by the challenge of "doing better than Jonathon Bolster", I found that helping out is extremely enjoyable and helping people of all technical skill levels is great fun.

Please note that I am not currently looking for further employment. :)

You can request proof of my identity using my Keybase proof.

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